Does Flex Wheeler Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Ken Flex Wheeler, one of the most respected personality in the bodybuilding world.

Flex has a perfect shape of the body with massive muscles, muscle bellies, small joints and a tiny waist.

Flex Wheeler steroids

He was born into poverty and able to make his name among the best bodybuilders.

Flex had a dream featured in the Hollywood movie.

Flex Wheeler faced many complications and difficulties since childhood.

He began his career marital arts and then moved towards the bodybuilding in the teenager.

He performed professional jobs in the society as a Police Officer.

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In the year 1994, Flex got paralyzed through a terrible accident.

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Where Flex Got His Motivation?

Flex Wheeler is a big fan of Jackie Chan and the other martial arts.

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He got the motivation from their skills and allow him to train harder.

The motivation remains himself to think of a better life and improves the lifestyle.

Athlete Statistics Of Flex Wheeler:
  • Weight of the body: 220- 235lbs (99.7-106.6kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’7’’
Body measurements:
  • Arms: 24’’
  • Chest: 56’’

Due to having an aesthetic physique, it is asked that whether he take steroids or natural?

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Flex Wheeler Admitted Steroid Use

Flex, who use the Legal steroids throughout his career for staying top of the competitive bodybuilding.

Flex Wheeler Steroids

He started steroid since he was only eighteen years old.

He underwent the kidney transplant due to the severe kidney disease.

Most of the people think that the use of steroid is a reason to develop a kidney disease, but Flex said it was a hereditary condition.

Although he wanted to cut the steroids, but kidney transplant requires the continuous use of steroid.

He also said that the pharmacology or steroids to sports have done a lot to harm and once, I was closely near to die.

Flex Wheeler Steroids:

The 46 years old bodybuilder continues steroids that have the anabolic effects and catabolic effects.

The company was banned, where the Flex purchased steroids.

When Flex was asked to a steroid that which steroids are better so he does not answer clearly and said it may contribute many individuals to repeat the steroids and cycle exactly.

Flex Wheeler bodybuildingFlex was surprised that how is it possible to stop taking steroids and train without a drug.

Usually bodybuilders use Anavar for muscle cutting and lean body.

An overwhelmed fatigue is going to adhere after a few hours of training.

The steroids give me an explosive strength and power to perform the harder.

Flex Wheeler Warned of The Steroid Effects Many Times:

The body builder was warned by the side effects when he was overdosed with a diuretic dose.

The doctor always warned that the Flex Wheeler steroid cycle risking his life.

The second time he was warned in the year 1997 due to the serious incident of health.

There are many bodybuilders who have accepted using testosterone boosters for increase testosterone levels.

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In the year 2000, Flex was diagnosed with a severe kidney disease, which is mainly inherent in the African-American men.

When Flex Wheeler finally decided to quit the steroid and leave the bodybuilding after taking third place as Mr. Olympia, he prescribed for continuously steroid use.

Flex Wheeler Comes Back:

The amazing body is not created without steroid help.

Flex wheeler steroid cycle transformed him completely.

Flex Wheeler said: I spend hours in front of a mirror and I could not believe that these bigger muscles belong to me.

Flex Wheeler Workout Training 2017:

For the preparation of competition, Flex required a course of steroid which has $10,000 cost.

Flex Wheeler workout

Flex Wheeler rejected to pay the amount directly from the wallet.

Like most of the bodybuilders, Flex trained with a heavyweight.

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The Flex workout regimen includes in the German volume training and split routines.

Flex did not waste his time during the competition season as well as off-season, this is a secret behind his progress.

Flex Wheeler Nutrition:

Flex diet has continuously changed over the years due to kidney stress.

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His diet mainly includes lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and Of course cheating meals.


We never blamed that the Flex doing wrong by taking the steroid.

The steroid use is common among the bodybuilders even though these are considered as illegal.

Flex Wheeler workoutIn the 90’s, steroid considered as legal and widely used after the prescription of a doctor.

Flex Wheeler is known by the name of “officer steroid”.

Although Flex weight is not so much bigger like a monster.

To gain the physique like a Flex Wheeler is possible through naturally.

You just only need the hard work, dedication, training and perfect nutrition.

We never dropped down our inner and should battled through depression, poverty, robberies, accidents, and kidney failures.

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We just focus on the one thing and try hard for achieving it, definitely you will the most successful bodybuilder.

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